Rapid Covid-19 Antibody Tests

Whether you have previously caught Covid, or been vaccinated - it is reassuring to know that you may have developed the antibodies to fight off the infection in the future.
However, if a vaccine has only 70% efficacy - that means 3 in 10 recipients will not have the antibodies.
In working with our partners, Robson Brown International, we are able to provide these important tests that could help provide you with a bit more piece of mind.
  • Confirm in 15 minutes whether you have Covid-19 antibodies

  • Suitable for use no less than X weeks after vaccination or a positive Covid-19 test

  • Test the team, close contacts and even family members


We have ensured that quality tests are available….

  • Manufactured by Healgen

  • Approved by UK Government

  • 98.74% Test Accuracy

  • Simple self-administered finger prick test

  • Price: £99 per box of 5 Test Kits (only £19.80 each)

  • Immediate Availability

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We are advised and supported by Professor Richard Lyon MBE, who is a medical advisor to the UK government. Please watch the following video that will help you understand the value of antigen & antibody testing in about 8 minutes.
The recording is here: https://vimeo.com/482619636

The tests are fully approved for use by the UK government - the UK approval for phase three can be found at the following government website:


Important Information – Training Advice

We take the wellbeing of our customers very seriously.

In accordance with UK government guidelines, we have worked with our health training partners to develop an online training support video that will talk you through the process of using the Rapid Covid Test Kits.

A link to this training will be provided Free-of-Charge with your confirmed order.


We recommend that you view this material prior to administering your tests. The tests themselves are 100% safe - the training focuses on how you manage the test environment and what steps you should take in the event of a positive test result.

Covid Antibody Test Order Form


To reserve your Tests please complete the following information. 

Once you have confirmed your requirements below, a representative from Robson Brown International will contact you to process your order, arranging payment and training support if applicable.


Please reserve                   box(es) of Healgen Rapid Covid-19 Antibody Tests at £99 per box.

Prices are subject to VAT and Shipping (£9.99 per box)

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