This is the unit to welcome guest back into your Hospitality business!

Purposely built for commercial environments, this is designed for continuous use in busy areas.


The INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser Professional (1500ml) device is next-generation hand sanitising, purpose built for commercial environments. Durable, robust, and easy to operate. Its precision Swiss-Engineered construction will give you a reliable hygiene solution for a wide range of high traffic environments.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 6 months between charges (depending on frequency of use), making the product easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure. An additional spare battery slot within the dispenser allows for quick battery changeover and continuous use in busy areas, while a safety locking mechanism secures the device when in operation.

The easy-replacement cartridges allow effortless sanitiser replenishment, with the external status light panel alerting operators when cartridge or battery levels are low.


  • Stylish Floor Stand
  • Hygienic touchless technology
  • British Design
  • Swiss-engineered reliability
  • Adjustable dosage (0.5ml-2.0ml)
  • Easy 1500ml sanitiser cartridge (3 x included - worth £87)
  • Only compatible with INEOS Hygienics sanitiser cartridges

INEOS PRO Hygienics Sanitiser Dispenser & Floor Stand + FREE Sanitiser

£429.00 Regular Price
£389.00Sale Price
    • Robust aluminium frame
    • LED indicator lights and additional side panel indicator to alert users to low cartridge and battery levels
    • Internal slot for spare battery to allow for quick changeover and continuous use
    • Lockable door with stainless steel key for added security in public spaces
    • Available for use as-is in the table-top configuration within this pack, as well as option to wall-mount or use with floor stand – depending on the requirements of your business environment