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Discover AW@Home

Our innovation team are focussed on bringing you products for the Hospitality Industry.

Sometimes they come across items that don't fit their brief but are really fantastic for personal use inside and outside the home. Even though we may not always sell these items from the Warehouse, we thought it would be great to share some of these hidden gems and where you can find them! Enjoy!

VersionTech Fans

VersionTech Rechargeable Handheld Fans

It was this little fan that started the whole AW@Home idea!

Simply put - we realised that all of the team have one and so do their friends. We have constant arguments over who found it first!

What makes it so good?

  • Power - small fan, big output. Uses computer fan technology, so not too noisy either.

  • Low Energy - uses only 4W when plugged in compared to 50W conventional fans so great for all-night running in hot weather

  • Battery Life - a good 3-4 hours on full charge, great for holiday days out

  • Handheld or freestanding - Easy to stand on a desk and aim or even use the clip attachment supplied to attach it to your desk!

Do yourself a favour - buy it while the sun is not shining and save yourself a few pounds because these are always in high demand when the temperatures rise!

Vänt Accent Wall Panels

Vant Wall Panels_edited.jpg

A Scandinavian marvel! Vänt panels can instantly transform the look and feel of any room!

The team were hugely impressed with this innovative system that is a fraction of the cost of expensive wall panelling. Several of the team have used it at home, and one even created a living room feature wall with it.

What makes it so good?

  • Simple Click-to Install system - all you have to do is attach the mounting strips (drill and screw) and the panels just click into place

  • Dozens of colours, sizes and finishes allow you to create the right look for you

  • So easy to change panels if they get dirty or damaged - or even if you want to change your colour scheme

Having worked closely with the Hospitality industry for many years, we can't help feeling this product could easily upgrade a hotel bedroom, lounge or bar!

Vant Wall Panels

Booxihome Collapsible Stools

Collapsable Stools_edited.jpg

An amazing stool that collapses flat - perfect for use round the house or just to keep in the back of the car for emergencies!

When Darren first brought this into the office we didn't have a clue what it was! Just an inch or so thick disc with a handle...

With a quick twist and pull, it pulled out into a stool, perfect for a quick sit down at festivals, camping, fishing or picnics!

What makes it so good?

  • It's really clever - it's an engineering dream that cleverly uses discs inside discs like a wide telescope with a seat on it!

  • Strong - Darren is a big guy, but this stool can hold up to 420lb!

  • Lightweight - Not only is it easy to carry with its built in strap, it only weighs 2.5lb

  • Assorted colours available mean that everyone in the family can have their own

  • Long 2 year warranty - not only is it cleverly designed, this is a heavy duty version built to last


This is the product you didn't know you need until you have it! It's so different and everyone always want to have a go at opening and closing it!

Booxihome Stools

Reliance Medical Easi Plaster

Easi Plaster.jpg

Once you have used this stuff, you will never look at plasters in the same way again!

Several of the team have kids and when we first got samples, we gave it to them to test it out. Because it wraps around the cut and sticks to itself rather than hair or skin, it is incredible quick to use and leaves cuts and scrapes well protected.

What makes it so good?

  • Sterile roll that works as well on a finger cut and a head injury

  • Easy-tear, tear to size and really quickly applied

  • Stretchy and wash proof

  • Adhesive-free - it sticks to itself almost like a clever velcro type fixing

  • Purple colour makes it safe to use in commercial kitchen environments too!

  • Great for pet first aid to wrap a wound 

We spotted Easi Plaster recently on TV being used by an international football physio to patch up a head cut quickly and get the player back in action.  The days of plasters ripping the hairs out of you arm are now long gone!

Tapo Energy Monitoring Smart Plug

Tapo Smart Plug_edited.jpg

Ever wondered how much electricity your devices are using? This nifty little plug will remove the mystery...

Austen is a self-confessed energy geek, and with the price of electricity still painfully high, he is always full of advice on how to bring those bills down. He always rants on about this super clever smart plug that is available for about a tenner and will pay for itself time and time again.

Although it looks like a standard smart plug, this one has the ability to monitor and measure the electricity passed though it - so you can see exactly how much energy is being consumed by that TV System, Computer, Desk fan, etc.

What makes it so good?

  • Easy to set up and free app will show you the energy used

  • Perfect for checking 'vampire devices' that use energy at night

  • Also works as a smart plug - you can control your devices by switching the plug on or off


Using this device, Austen saved over £80 a year by switching off his TV systems between midnight and 6am - something that he proudly reminds us of at least once a month!

Tapo Energy Monitor Plug

FSTravelP Universal Travel Plug

Travel Plug_edited.jpg

We have looked at dozens of charging solutions over the last couple of years, but nothing comes close to this!

It's not the fact that the FSTravelP works well as an international travel plug across 150+ counties that makes this item special. What's really great is that it houses a 35W fast charger that will charge your mobile in about 30 mins and even a quick 15 mins will get you through the day!

That means whether you are travelling with it or just using it at home or the office - it acts as a fantastic small fast-charging hub!

What makes it so good?

  • Amazing 35W Type C Rapid charge capability

  • Multiple charging ports can charge up to 6 devices at once

  • Works with USB A or C devices

  • Smart charging chip that optimises power charging outputs

  • Euro safety rated, internal fuse protection and guaranteed for 18 months - its a tough little unit!


The fast charge port is really popular in the office - a necessity when half of the team seem to spend all day on social media!

Additional note from the team:

When doing a 35W fast charge, make sure all other outlets are unplugged for quickest results!

Zap It! Electric Fly Swatter

Fly Swatter_edited.jpg

Electric Bug killing units are common throughout Hospitality, especially in kitchens. This portable 'zapper' takes that technology and puts it in your hands!!

This sample sat on the side in the office all winter. It was only when the team freaked out at the sight of a wasp this spring that it came out of the box. A quick charge via USB and we now have a portable bug zapper on hand.


What makes it so good?

  • No need to swat, just let the fly/wasp/mosquito fly right into it

  • USB Charging - 10,000 zaps per charge so you really don't have to charge it often!

  • Powerful yet safe triple layer safety mesh houses a 4000v zapping grid

  • Three sizes available - we think the large one is best

  • Useful at home, but also great for camping and picnics


Who would've though that pest control could be so much fun!

Enjoy a bug-free summer!

More Innovations Coming Soon...

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