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PIG® Products

Oink! Oink! Innovation can be found in all shapes and sizes -  but no-one in the team expected it to come in the shape of a Pig!


We are delighted to bring these well-established US products to the UK Hospitality market.

Originally focussed on industrial spill management, the team at Pig have developed a wide catalog ('Pigalog') of clever items that help with the management of leaks, drips and spills - something we all experience in the Hospitality Industry.

We have selected three categories of items for Hospitality businesses:

PIG® Grippy® Adhesive-Backed Floor Mats

A fantastic alternative to rubber-backed mats that can be used throughout your business both front and back of house.

PIG® Spill Kits

Don't rush around trying to find paper towels or a mop. These super-absorbent kits will handle spills safely with minimal impact to your customer experience!

PIG® Leak Diverters

Get rid of that bucket in the middle of the floor catching those drips! A simple solution to have on-hand and reduce ceiling damage.

Check out the range below or keep scrolling to learn more about how PIG Products can help your business!

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PIG® Grippy Mats
PIG® Absorbent Socks
PIG® Absorbent Mats
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