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Commercial Energy Claims 

'It's like PPI for energy bills!' The energy companies have been paying broker commissions for years - did they make you fully aware?

We are always looking out for the Hospitality industry. We have partnered with CEC to bring you a 'no win, no fee, no risk' way to find out if your business could be owed thousands from energy companies.

For many years, parts of the energy industry operated as an unregulated market, with numerous brokers and suppliers tacking on hidden fees to their customers’ contracts without their knowledge. 

Despite persisting for years, a wave of complaints and legal disputes has spurred Ofgem to take action by enforcing regulations to safeguard customers. Consequently, these changes have created an opportunity to seek reimbursement for products that were mis-sold. Coupled with the recent energy crisis, many businesses are eager to reclaim their funds and there are potentially billions of pounds of unjust costs in energy contracts yet to be recovered by those affected.

Windemere School JPG_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Windermere School recently discovered that an energy broker had facilitated a mis-sold energy contract. Acting on the broker's recommendation, the school entered into a contract, unaware that mis-selling was occurring. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the brokers had discreetly included an undisclosed margin in the utility bills.


​Going through a no win, no fee basis, our expert legal teams were able to recover over £200,000 of mis-sold funds.

​Richard Hennah, Operations Manager of the school, expressed his views, stating, "Mis-selling of contracts and passing on undeclared charges is an insidious practice that many customers are not aware of without further scrutiny of their contract and invoices."


Did your supplier fail to inform you about fees for using the brokers service?

Did the supplier fail to make it clear that you pay for the brokers commission?

Did the broker fail to provide you with several independent quotes?

Ticked any of the above? Submit the form below and our team can help you find out how much you can claim!

Thanks for your enquiry! This new Commercial Energy Claim service is very popular - we will be in touch within the next 72 hours!

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