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Cosmetic Subscription Model



Amenity Warehouse is always looking for ways to enhance their service to the hotel operator.

In 2018 we created the cosmetic subscription model. Since then it has been ensuring consistent supply at fantastic prices for independent hotels around the country.

Image by Scott Graham
Image by Laura Chouette

How does it work?

Step 1: We model your usage


We use your occupancy data and combine it with our cosmetic supply expertise. We model your consumption on a month by month basis and agree monthly deliveries to meet your needs at a schedule to suit you.



Step 2: Select your cosmetic range


This is the tough bit. We have a wide range to suit all budgets - and all can really wow your guests. By using our modelling you will be able to select the range you prefer - and also knowing how much you can save!


Step 3: Choose your start date


Allowing time to use up your existing range, we set up the supply chain and make sure that you have a starting buffer stock. You will have an agreed delivery schedule and your deliveries will automatically arrive at the same time every month.

How do you benefit?

Take a look at the reasons why our customers are switching to the AW Subscription Model.

Hotel A - Typical Hotel

Hotel B - AW Subscription

Product Choice

Cosmetic Range is old and tired

A selection of modern brand ranges designed by italian cosmetic experts


Limited knowledge and little support from the supplier

Full support and advice allowing the customer to select the most sustainable option for their hotel


Often forgets to order

Regular deliveries at the same time every month

Product Availability

Supply availability varied

Our planning system means we have your items in the warehouse before you need them

Stock Holding

Large space required, typically ordering 3 months stock at a time

You only need room for your buffer stock and monthly delivery


Pricing includes large distribution premiums

Our lower cost model passes on significant savings to the hotel


Supplier is focussed on selling boxes

Our experienced team will support you throughout your transition

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