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Hielo® Wine Coolers

Time to ditch the ice buckets and opt for a better and more sustainable solution! Say Hello to Hielo®!!

The Hielo® wine cooler represents tableware innovation that’s a hospitality must-have. It’s the eco-friendly wine cooler that adds style as well as substance to any table.

Hielo® cleverly uses thermal conductivity to keep the bottle cool. which means...

  • Perfect drinking temperature is maintained

  • Keeps wine at fridge temperature for up to two hours

  • No drips, condensation or wet labels - the bottle has no direct contact with ice

  • Sustainable - uses just 5 ice cubes and therefore saves approx 92% energy/emissions over the standard ice bucket

  • Available in 4 colours and manufactured from high-grade aluminium


Hielo’s simple cooling ability maintains fridge temperature gently rather than immersing bottles in ice or cold water. The internal stilts keep the wine bottle elevated from ice and liquid, so hospitality owners can give their guests a fuss–free, mess–free wine experience.

It also cuts the cost of excessive ice use compared to traditional wine coolers and ice buckets.

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