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Paper Straws London


Quality Paper Straws that don't cost the Earth!

Straight from 'The Big Smoke' we bring you this fantastic range from Paper Straws London.


But where's the innovation?? 

Well, other than the fantastic colour range, we finally found a straw that lasts longer than the drink it's in!

The PSL team have a background in print and book-binding. They applied their unique skills to develop a superior (those Londoners eh?) paper straw that really lasts.

Check out these other important features...

  • Available in a choice of 9 colours to suit your venue

  • Fantastic value at less than 1p a straw from AW

  • Non-Soggy - They last a minimum of 2 hours in a drink

  • Firm, heavyweight and sustainable

  • 100% natural non-toxic glues and inks

  • Made and manufactured in the UK.

  • Fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable

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A wide choice of colours to suit your venue...
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