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SuperTuff Menus

SuperTuff Menus & Table Talkers are the innovation that you have been looking for! These longer-lasting menus mean you can buy less and save a fortune in menu replacement! 

Our team are passionate about Hospitality and are always looking for ways improve the customer experience. We all know how it feels to pick up a sticky, dirty, dog-eared laminated card menu. Even operators that look after them know how difficult it is to keep them looking good.

We have found the solution - time to get SuperTuff!

  • Guaranteed not to go soggy - they do not absorb liquids

  • Guaranteed not to peel at the edges - no nasty clear border that comes apart

  • Washable - clean with hot soapy water and you can even stick them in the DISHWASHER!

  • Wipeable - even scrubbable, as the print is fully coated so the ink cannot peel or wear off

  • Waterproof - perfect for outdoor use too

  • Available in assorted sizes to suit your needs

  • Prices include double-sided printing

For such a fantastic product we have created a 'clean' service! Once you place your order, our team will contact you to get a copy of your existing print ready PDF Artwork. If you do not have artwork available, we can support you with this with our SuperTuff Menu Design & Artwork service that can be also purchased via our Shop.

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