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Scraegg Scrambled Egg Machine


We have to admit, we were surprised by this one too!

Now all the team in the warehouse are becoming scrambled egg-sperts!


Yes, the Scraegg machine can make scrambled egg in just 15 seconds. Using steam technology (think frothy milk) the Screagg can whip up a batch of scrambled eggs in no time.

This is perfect for coffee shops, cafe's, restaurants, pubs and hotels - in fact anywhere that customers require a quick, healthy snack!

  • Easy to operate & clean

  • Minimises waste - make it when you need it!

  • Can also be used for Porridge & Soups

  • Used throughout Germany & launching in Costa

  • No Plumbing required

  • Unit measures 30 x 30 x 46.5cm

  • Unit Weight 17Kg

  • Prices include delivery & installation

  • Lease options available from just £3.50/day

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