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Lower Rate Card Payment Systems 

We have found some of the lowest market rates for credit card transactions!

The pandemic certainly sped up the use of contactless payment systems throughout the Hospitality industry. Sadly, many businesses have poor terminals, are paying high credit card transaction fees and often get stung by hidden charges.


In our search for better value for our customers, we have partnered up with Payment 365 who are making waves in the industry with open and transparent pricing as well as fantastic kit.

They currently average a massive credit card transaction saving of 38.7% across all of their customers!

This fully-managed service includes:

  • Low Card transaction fees

  • Same-day settlement means the money hits your bank without delay

  • No minimum monthly service charges

  • Wide Range of Terminals to suit your business including countertop, portable wifi and mobile solutions

  • Low Monthly Terminal Rentals - no need for capex

  • Online Real-time Transaction Tool lets you view your income live

  • Interfaces with all major UK POS systems

  • Simple and straightforward set-up means you get the benefits fast!

We have used our Hospitality knowledge to find another solution that can not only help you deliver a better experience for your customers, but save you money too!

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How Much Can You Save?

Compare our AW transaction rates

with your current provider:

  • Debit Card 0.32%

  • Visa/Mastercard Credit Card 0.69%

  • Amex 1.9%

Want to know more?
Call us or contact our Card Payment Team by submitting the form below... 

Thanks for your enquiry! Our PDQ Payment Terminal solutions are very popular - we will be in touch within the next 72 hours!

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