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Glamping Pods & Barrels 

We couldn't resist these fantastic units - but now the whole team want one in their garden!

Glamping has become big business for Hospitality operators. Providing the 'outdoors-indoors' experience has proven to be a strong revenue stream as the UK public has developed their staycation habit.


We have partnered with The Outdoor Space Company to bring you these fantastic Glamping Pods and Barrels. They come pre-fabricated, allowing you to install on any flat weight-bearing surface. Throw in a bed or two and you have an instant sales opportunity.

Camping-Pod-5.5_8 (1)[8].jpg

Better still, these solid units can be used all year round, and not just a summer season. The only limit is your space and imagination!


Key Features:

  • Commercial Grade & Quality

  • Manufactured to last

  • Sustainable solid wood construction

  • Range of sizes available

  • Upgrade options available including additional glass panels and even saunas!

Our prices include delivery and installation in mainland UK. Deliveries to the Scottish Highlands or Northern Ireland may incur a surcharge - please call us for more information.

Camping-Pod-3.5-m_2 (2) (1)[2].jpg
Want to learn more or talk to our team bespoke design options? Call us or contact our Glamping team using the form below... 

Thanks for your enquiry! Everyone seems to want to get glamping! We will be in touch within 2 working days!

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