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Hospitality Energy Buying Club 

Use the Power of the Industry to Manage your Energy Bills!

There is another way to buy your Energy. In the world of large groups and corporations, utility brokers manage energy portfolios - buying blocks of energy 'futures' and taking advantage of the volatile changes in energy prices.


This way of working is not usually available to smaller operators and independents, but we are about to change that. Working with our Energy partner, GET Solutions, we have negotiated inclusion for Hospitality businesses into their successful energy buying portfolio.

Importantly, their flexible buying group has delivered combined energy cost savings of XX% below the open market over this year.

How Flexible Energy Buying Works

Commercial energy deals are typically based upon an estimate of your volume of energy you expect to use and the current forecasted energy prices.

As you can imagine, these prices include all kinds of allowances for what the future energy market will look liken and there is additional cost margin included to protect your supplier. 

When you agree your new contract, you do it on a single given day, based upon the market rates at that given time.

Even if the market falls the next day, you have no way of taking advantage of when energy prices change.


Energy prices, like stocks and shares, vary hour by hour, day by day and month on month. Flexible buying works by splitting your energy needs into hundreds of transactions a year. Experienced brokers monitor the market, taking advantage of dips in energy prices in the future and locking in lumps of energy at lower rates for future periods when they become available.

They can't deliver miracles, but they can often deliver significantly better results for your energy bills in the long term. Because of the administrative effort needed for this process, the energy suppliers only allow flexible energy buying for very large customer portfolios.


By combining the purchases for Hospitality operators across the country you can now benefit from this process too. By being part of the Hospitality Energy Club, your site(s) can be included in our portfolio and be managed just as if you were part of a large group. The HEC has its own broker team, dedicated support contacts and monthly reporting keeping you up-to-date with your billing performance and the wider energy market.

Image by Samuel Foster

Current Club Performance

Historical results vs. UK energy market:

  • Electricity 2022 YTD: 18% Saving

  • Gas 2022 YTD: 10% Saving

  • Total Basket Savings YTD: £650k

(figures to 31/07/22)

Can I join the Club?

We would like to accept everyone - we know all operators need help. But for inclusion into this portfolio, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Purchase a minimum of 200MW per fuel per year (Gas + Electricity)

  • Be Based in the United Kingdom

  • Be a Hospitality business

  • Have a Positive Credit Rating


We are working on solutions for smaller sites. If you do not meet the criteria above, please subscribe to be the first to hear on any service updates.

Want to know more? Contact the Club team by submitting the form below... 

Thanks for your enquiry! The Club Team are very busy but we will be in touch within the next 72 hours!

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