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Get started with Grippy® Mat! This starter kit has all you need to give Grippy® Mat a try in your venue.


Grippy® Mat is a neat and efficient alternative to rubber backed mats. It wicks away moisture and liquid and is easily cleaned. Best of all, you can create your own custom size areas to manage wet problem areas in your hospitality and retail environments, both front or back of house.


  • Adhesive-backed floor mat stays exactly where you put it with no shifting, bunching up or flipping over; traps dirt, salt and moisture to keep it from being tracked around
  • PIG Grippy Floor Mat will stick to most common commercial floor surfaces, including: concrete, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, quarry tile and linoleum
  • Proprietary adhesive sticks to the floor with a super-tight grip, but peels up easily
  • Highly efficient absorbent top soaks in moisture and wicks it away from the centre to prevent puddling on the surface — liquid disperses evenly so the mat dries out quickly
  • Extreme durability that stands up to heavy traffic — even forklifts — stays in place for up to 3 to 6 months, depending on conditions and traffic patterns
  • Easy to use: roll out continuous walk-off coverage for entrances and walkways with no gaps, ripples or overlaps that cause slips and trips
  • Easy to clean: you can sweep, vacuum, mop, use your shop/wet vac or run your floor scrubber over Grippy Mat and it won’t budge
  • Easy to customise: lets you create custom-size floor mats for transition areas and wet problem spots
  • Highly efficient absorbent top soaks in moisture, wicks and spreads it evenly so the mat dries out quickly — ideal for entrances and anywhere you need maximum absorbency for water
  • 91cm x 7.6m regular mediumweight roll provides enough length to create continuous walk-off runners plus custom floor mats for transition areas and wet problem spots
  • Installation Tool and Cutting Guide is a convenient, pre-scored cutting board that prevents damage to floors while it helps you make clean, accurate cuts, perfect corners and 45° angles
  • Safety Cutting Knife with recessed blade and protective edges lets you make quick, clean cuts and avoid injuries
  • The thinnest commercial floor mat you can buy: no rippled edges to obstruct doors or create tripping hazards. ADA compliant for wheelchairs and prams; carts and pallet trucks roll right over it
  • Only a fraction of the weight of rubber-backed mats: no more back strain when you change your mats
  • Completely eliminates rental mat hassles and can save up to 50% per year over rental contracts
  • PIG Grippy Floor Mat has a 91% lower environmental impact than rental floor mats (Please contact us for further details regarding the Life Cycle Assessment report.)
  • PIG Grippy Floor Mat classified as slip resistance R13 according to DIN51130 - suitable for use on floors in workrooms and work areas where there is an increased risk of slipping due to grease, oil, water, foods, left-overs, dust, flour, plant clippings, etc.
  • Tested in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013, and demonstrated low slip potential in both wet and dry conditions
  • Fire classification Bfl-s1 when tested according to BS EN 13501-1
  • Tested and Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI): when used as part of your floor safety program, high-traction surfaces such as PIG Grippy Floor Mat have been proven to reduce slip-and-fall claims by as much as 90%


Kit Includes:

1 - 91cm x 7.6m Grippy Floor Mat - Grey (GRP36207-GY)

1 - 96.5cm x 15cm Installation Board (GRP001)

1 - Safety Knife (GRP012-001)


When you need replacement rolls of Grippy® Mat, Amenity Warehouse has rolls available in 2 width sizes!

PIG® Grippy® Adhesive-Backed Floor Mat Starter Pack

SKU: GRPE36206
£154.00 Regular Price
£139.08Sale Price
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