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The show stopper of any party, these pink and perky straws will brighten any cocktail. Cool and trendy, chic and sophisticated, fun for any occasion – whenever it’s time to celebrate and have a good time, you’ll be right on the money with this perfect paper dazzler.


Paper Straws London products are quality paper straws (without a premium price) selected by Amenity Warehouse. They are perfect for any Hospitality business that wants to wow their guests, and believes its worth spending 1p on a straw that actually lasts as long as the drink that it's in!


  • Size: 6mm x 200mm
  • Each box of 5000 contains 20 packs of 250 straws
  • 8 distinctive colours available
  • Firm, heavyweight and sustainable
  • Non-soggy! Will last over 2 hours in a drink!
  • 100% natural, non-toxic glues and inks
  • Made and manufactured in the UK
  • Fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable

The Hammersmith & City Line - Pink Stripe Paper Straw (Box of 5000)

SKU: PSL-007-5000
£57.35 Regular Price
£47.35Sale Price
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