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Event Covid Test Solutions

Open up your Venue or Event for the Summer of 2021 with our Rapid Lateral Flow Covid Test solution

Step 1: TEST

Customers are sent Lateral Flow Covid Tests to use at home


Step 2: RECORD

Test results are uploaded and certified

Test Sample March 2021.png

Step 3: ADMIT

Your customers show Certificate or QR code to gain entry

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Image by Anthony DELANOIX


Rapid Testing for Venues, Meetings & Events



The Service

We have partnered with Chronomics, one of the world’s most established Covid Testing specialists. They currently supply Covid testing services for Emirates, British Airways, TUI, Superdrug, Boots and many more.

The Passport-To-Play concept is simple. It focusses on providing mass Rapid Lateral Flow Covid testing solutions for events and gatherings – taking technology and systems that we already have in place and re-purposing them for the hospitality and leisure market. We have solutions for small meetings right up to up to large-scale sporting events during the summer of 2021.


We can currently provide this service across the UK & throughout Europe.

Test Sample March 2021.png

The Customer Experience

The Passport-To-Play Solution provides customers with UK government approved self-administered Rapid Lateral Flow tests for them to use in advance of attending your event or venue.
They complete the test within an allocated timescale (e.g. within 24 hours of the start of your event) and register the results on the Chronomics Testing website. They are then issued with an electronic certificate of their test result (hopefully negative) which also includes an electronic QR code that they can then present to you on arrival at your venue.

Our Software Platform 


Our Chronomics software platform is already operational and used across Europe for the collection and storage of Covid test results (Lateral Flow and PCR Lab-based tests).


Chronomics Web Portal.PNG

The system is fully GDPR compliant, and a full demonstration is recommended. The platform provides a simple test registration process and communicates the results directly to the customer who can download a digital PDF certificate. Each certificate also shows the result via a QR Code, which enables you to grant quick entry to your event - especially useful for larger gatherings!


Our system also links to the UK Track &Trace system which allows for test results to be automatically uploaded into the UK government system - ensuring that the host is fully compliant to the relevant laws and regulations.



E-Mail: or Call: 07714 837314


Alternatively, please complete the following enquiry form and we will come back to you.


Thanks for your request - our team will be in touch soon!

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