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UVC Sterilisation is the quick and easy way to kill bacteria & viruses. Using lighting to disinfect an area or room is low-cost and extremely effective. For Hospitality operations, this technology will change the way we work, saving on additional cleaning processes and making our environments safer.

Bars, Bedrooms, Public Areas, Washrooms and even Kitchens - imagine a world that is regularly disinfected when not being used!


SunClean Lighting from 59S® paves the way in integrating UVC disinfection with LED lighting. This series of unprecedented health-protecting lighting products provides the use of surface disinfection, air purification and lighting. SunClean has a disinfection rate of up to 99.9% - with no excessive radiation, no ozone generation and no chemical residue - and military-grade sensors for occupant detection. SunClean is designed to keep people safe and healthy.


59S® are the global pioneers of UVC technology. With UVC LED Beads, this unit will provide that fast and effective clean necessary today. 59S® products are totally 100% ozone free, chemical-free, and eco-friendly.


  • Simple replacement - Replace your old bulb with SunClean Bulb Light
  • Smart operation - Illuminates when you're in, disinfects when you're out
  • Safety and reliability - Military grade radar and radar self-diagnostics
  • Keeping spaces free of Bacteria & Viruses - No additional manpower. Highly cost-effective
  • Reduces the spread of infection - Disinfection occurs as soon as people leave the room and turns off when they re-enter
  • Two Disinfection Modes - 30-Min automatic mode or 3-Hour Intensive mode


Power: 30W lighting / 18W sanitising
Thread type: E27

Fitting: Screw Type

Diameter: 200mm
Luminous flux: >2550 lm
CCT: 3000K
Colour temperature adjustment: No
CRI: >80
Lifetime: >15000h


WARNING: Do not expose directly to eyes, skin, pets, plants, ornaments, paintings, and other valuables during disinfection. Disinfection will switch off when detecting movement.

59S® SunClean™ UFO Lamp

SKU: AW-59S-006
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