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UVC Sanitisation is the quick and easy way to kill bacteria & viruses. This product is the ultimate solution for door handles. 


Hospitality businesses are full of doors. Door handles and push plates are present a significant risk of cross contamination. Typically they become an extra focus for the cleaning regime, but this Door Handle Steriliser will kill bacteria when the door is not being used.


59S® are the global pioneers of UVC technology. With UVC LED Beads, this unit will provide that fast and effective clean necessary today. 59S® products are totally 100% ozone free, chemical-free, and eco-friendly.


High-efficiency Disinfection: Powerful UVC LED lamp beads can realize complete 360° disinfection


Human Body Infrared Sensing and Intelligent Disinfection: Dual human body infrared sensing design, auto-off the UVC lights when a person is within 1.5 meters. Auto disinfects after removing hand from the door handle.


Easy Installation: Install in less than 10 seconds using the 3M fixing pad provided

High-power Lithium USB Rechargeable Battery: 2500 mAh, UV door sanitizer can be used 250 times or last for 30 days when fully charged.


Whats in the Box:

  • UVC door sanitizer
  • USB Charger Cable
  • 2X 3M Fixing Pads

59S® UVC LED Door Handle Steriliser

SKU: AW-59S-004
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