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UVC Sterilisation is the quick and easy way to kill bacteria & viruses.

This versatile lamp is perfect for sterilising shared keyboards, touchscreens and working surfaces!


Hospitality businesses are full of shared devices used by multiple team-members. Limit the spread of viruses by automatically sanitising these surfaces. Where the light can touch, it sanitises!


59S® are the global pioneers of UVC technology. With UVC LED Beads, this unit will provide that fast and effective clean necessary today. 59S® products are totally 100% ozone free, chemical-free, and eco-friendly.


Disinfection Meets Illumination

12 energy-efficient LED diodes provide flicker-free, eye-friendly light. 5 built-in UV-C diodes generate UV light in the 260–280nm wavelength for convenient, reliable disinfection.


Sanitizer Timer

Easily set the timer for 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes depending on the size of the area you want to disinfect. An advanced body heat sensor turns of the UV-C light when people approach and resumes disinfection when they leave to ensure safe usage.


Portable UV Light

Compact size, measuring 15 x 2.78 x 7in. The flexible and foldable gooseneck allows 59S® UV sanitizer to be bent in any direction to reduce in size and easily fits into a bag or pocket.


USB Interface: USB Type-A

Dimensions: 15*2.78*7 inch

Weight: 2.57 oz

Power: 5 W

Voltage: 5 V DC

Wavelength: 260-280 nm

Detection Range: 1.64-4.92 ft

UVC LEDs: 5 Beads

Lighting LEDs: 12 Beads

Indicator LEDs: 10 Beads


WARNING: Do not expose directly to eyes, skin, pets, plants, ornaments, paintings, and other valuables during disinfection. Disinfection will switch off when detecting movement.

59S® UVC LED Sterilising USB Lamp

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